28 March 2010

Un-Named Comic Idea (II)


Ben's Uniform Challenge

Something quick for Ben's Challenge

Un-Named Comic Idea (I)

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08 March 2010

Ben's Challenge

I'm adding Ben's challenge until he gets his own spot on the web

Concept Challenge - Science Fiction Uniform.

The Concept:
It is the future, 2--- A.D., and mankind travels the stars at will. There is an organization, military force, corporation, or governing body of your design that exists in this future. At their disposal is a fleet of starships manned by human personnel.

Your Objective:
Design three uniforms (that is, a minimum of three drawings) for this space-faring group:

  • One bridge officer or ambassador- This person is meant to be seen, heard, and obeyed by the crew they command or the foreign entities they negotiate with. Their dress is can be either highly elaborate/formal or practical.
  • One engineer or science officer- This person "works for a living" either by maintaining their ship or exploring alien worlds and phenomena.
  • One ______- Choose an occupation you think would be fun to draw. Possibilities include: a soldier, medic, scientist, hazmat/cleanup crew, intelligence officer, or drill instructor. You could also draw a space suit or the "casual" wear issued to crew members for recreation/exercise.

Your goal should be to have a cohesive design aesthetic between your three costumes. While an ambassador and a "grease monkey" may have wildly different job descriptions the viewer should be able to easily tell the two uniforms belong to the same organization. This is also something to keep in mind when choosing your third design, but don't let it stop you from trying something fun.



Bonus Points:
  • Render your organization's logo, emblem, or flag.
  • Create rank insignia/medals.
  • Design both male and female versions of your uniform(s).
  • Draw multiple designs for your third option. The more elaborate you can become while retaining a unified aesthetic the better.

Have fun!