31 August 2009

Monkey King

Not-Spiderman challenge

Not Finished - I want to color it

in the mean time, a less dynamic pose of Sun Wukong/Hanuman:

Btw, this is a nother one of me and John's Challenges, this one is to draw a super-being of spider-man-esq capabilities in a dynamic pose.

15 August 2009

Rah Rah!

Medical Corp Logo Challenge

Another one of me & John's Challenges:
Design a medical corp logo that is bad-ass
mine kinda' turned out War-Hammer-y but it works.

04 August 2009


Pirate-Doctor Challenge

another challenge with John
this time: A Medical Pirate - in color

I don't like how the color came out, the line work is to strong.
maybe I'll fiddle with it some more in the future, maybe not.

of course John loses points for not competing the challenge by having his image not be in color (hint to John...)

02 August 2009

Us Mighty Band of Goof-balls

My 4th Ed. D&D Group

Flat Color 4 now

Up, up and away

Flying suite challenge

The challenge: a personal light suite that allows wearer to fly, design should be functional and as logical as possible while still in the realm of sci-fi-ness.

Here's John's suite design