07 March 2011

16 February 2011

24 October 2010

I have a cold

It feels like there's an octopus in my sinuses...  -_-

30 September 2010

For Adam

Adam: I just colored it without much thought, if you want different/more colors tell me.

This one is without any blue coloring.

These two are (obviously) B&W

31 August 2010


just trying out some colors for my bots (will be heros in a short Flash animation I'm working on).

21 July 2010

Avatar: Legend of Korra

My new wallpaper (1680x1050)

I am in love.

click to enlarge

Here's the article

14 July 2010


'Mike & Yaël's Kill-White' is a Photoshop Filter that actively removes all white from an image (unlike the 'Multiply' blend mode).

However, this is not simple masking. Pixels that are "partly white" are altered so as to only remove the "white portion" - the altered pixel is now partly transparent instead of partly white.

I worked on this Filter with my good buddy Mike Simburger.

You can download the filter here: http://yaelmaritz.com/extras_killWhite.html

18 June 2010

Hair I

Just goofing around with hair

12 April 2010

Things I do while waiting for my Editor to compile...

- Boredom
- Despair
- Dejection
- Windows Paintbucket
- Mouse